Friday, 26 September 2014

Out of the Past (1947)

I have written before about Out of the Past (Jacques Tourneur 1947), a film I love more than most other films. Here are three more stills from this extraordinary work of art. (Which is now out on blu-ray by the way.)

Robert Mitchum

Jane Greer


  1. Fredrik, I have found Out of the Past a wonderful, but sad film. It looks extraordinary and I love the contrasting indoor/outdoor changes of mood and tempo. I always regret that "Jeff Bailey" seems fated to die; perhaps the only way he can escape from his predicament is to do so. I wish you would write more about how you came to see it as an extraordinary work of art.

    1. It has a powerful feeling of hopelessness and inevitability that contribute to making it sad. It has grown on me over the years, and I promise I write more about it soon.