Friday 3 February 2023

The past and the future

I have been blogging about films since Februari 2005 (the first post), first in Swedish and then, after I moved to Scotland in 2009, in English. Blogging obviously suits me. Back when I started, blogging was hot and trendy but at some point it stopped being that. People kept blogging, but it was not necessarily called blogging anymore. People have told me that this is not a blog either, because to them a blog is not a good thing so if they like what I am doing here it cannot be a blog. Yeah, it is weird to me too. 

However I feel the need to reconsider how, when, and where I write. During autumn I felt that I was doing too much in too many places, and that it was time to slow down a bit and be more focused. I write journal articles and book chapters and I have a Substack account and I have my new duties as chairman of the Swedish Film Critics Association, and other things too. So I have decided to cut back on blogging here. Once I blogged once a week (how was that possible?) and then for a long time every second week was the default setting. The last couple of years it has been every fourth week. Now instead I will not have a schedule, but whenever I have done some new research I can write about it here, to keep the blog alive but not be ruled by it. We shall see. I have some other creative ideas too, so I am not sure exactly how things will pan out. It will all work itself out. Just bear with me, and the blog. And thanks for reading me.

Friday 6 January 2023


 As usual I am keeping my hands off the blog over the holidays. See you in a couple of weeks.