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The Man from the Third Row (Berghahn 2016)

Edited collections:

“Celebrating the Past While Looking To the Future” in Archival Film Festivals (St Andrews 2013)

“Swedish Cinema of the 1940s, a New Wave” in A Companion to Nordic Cinema (Wiley-Blackwell 2016)

“On ethics and style in Bullfighter and the Lady (1951)” in The Films of Budd Boetticher (Edinburgh University Press 2017)


La Furia Umana – print version:

#1 - 2013 “On Pain and Anger in the Films of Joseph H. Lewis” (print only)

#2 - 2013 “The Career of George Cukor – a Love Letter to the Art of Acting” (print only)

#4 - 2014 ”Body Double” (print only)

#6 - 2014 “Ozu and the Critics” (print only)

#7 - 2014 “Bergman and Ekman – the antagonistic masters of Swedish post-war cinema” (print only)

La Furia Umana – online version:

#26 - 2016 “The Walk

#30 - 2017 “Arrival

#32 - 2017 "Richard Quine and It Happened to Jane


#7 - 2016 "Driftwood 

Journal of Scandinavian Cinema:

Volume 5, #3 - 2015 “Hasse Ekman at MoMA”,id=21517/

Studies in European Cinema:

Volume 1, #1 - 2015 Book review of Swedish Film: an Introduction and Reader

Frames Cinema Journal:

#1 - 2012 (issue co-edited by me) “Blogging and Tweeting in an Age of Austerity”

February 2012 Book review of: Maximum Movies – Pulp Fiction

November 2012 Book review of: Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood’s Legendary Director

May 2013 Book review of: A Companion to Michael Haneke

#9 - 2016 “The Indirect POV-shot”

På svenska/Swedish only

Axess #3 - 2019 "Musikalernas mästare" om Stanley Donen

Axess #8 - 2019 "Det finns ingen gratis bio" om streaming
Axess #3 - 2021 "Det kollektiva manusarbetet" om Mank och Citizen Kane.
Svensk Filmdatabas: "Spionerna som inte kom in från kylan" juni 2020:
Filosofisk tidskrift årgång 14, #2 - 2013 ”Film och filosofi, film som filosofi” (print only) [Filmkonst 64], 2000 “Blair Witch Project” (now print only)

Filmrutan 1997- (print only) 

Cinema 1999-2001 (online and in print, although the online stuff is all gone)
In Turkish
SineMasal Ortak Kitap Cilt 3 Yeni - 2020 "Lilith ve Amerikan Şiirsel Modernizmi" (print only)


  1. Fredrik, was I just imagining or did you recently say you would be writing about A Canterbury Tale?

  2. I wrote about it four years ago: